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1 Weighs 24.65kg without battery and supports passengers weighing up to 135kg.

2 The compact Camel Hope wheelchair folds in 1 second for effortless transport.

3 With a folded size 80 x 62 x 34 cm Camel Hope is much more compact than its competitors.

4 It can easily fit in the trunk of most vehicles for travel.

5 With its 12.5" rear wheel and 8" front wheel Camel Hope has a high ground clearance ability.

6 Compatible with most Brush Joysticks on the market, the Joystick can be mounted on the left or right side of the armrest.

7 With a seat width of 45cm and backrest height of 53cm Camel Hope offers a large space for passengers and gives a super comfortable experience during daily activities.

8 The foldable leg rest makes passengers be closer and safer when they are going to sit on the chair.

9 Lithium-ion battery can travel up to 15 km.

10 Removable seat cushion and durable pocket for easy cleaning.


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Camel Hope YE246       Details and Price → 

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Camel Hope YE246 

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Fashionable lightweight folding Power Wheelchair outdoor driving - Camel Hope YE246

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