new PFD WinAIR Differential Gauge

new PFD WinAIR Differential Gauge - Winters Instruments

Order Codes:

PFD40100 PFD40101 PFD40102 PFD40103 PFD40104 PFD40105 PFD40106 PFD40010 PFD40011 PFD40012 PFD40013

PFD40014 PFD40015 PFD40016 PFD40017 PFD40018 PFD40019 PFD40020 PFD40021 PFD40022 PFD40023 PFD40024

PFD40025 PFD40026 PFD40027 PFD40028 PFD40029 PFD40030 PFD40031 PFD40350 PFD40351 PFD40352 PFD40300

PFD40301 PFD40302 PFD40303 PFD40304 PFD40305 PFD40306 PFD40307 PFD40308 PFD40309 PFD40310 PFD40311

PFD40312 PFD40313 PFD40500 PFD40501 PFD40502 PFD40503 PFD40504 PFD40505 PFD40506 PFD40507 PFD40508

PFD40509 PFD40510 PFD40511 PFD40512 PFD40513 PFD40514 PFD40150 PFD40151 PFD40152 PFD40153 PFD40154

PFD40200 PFD40201 PFD40202 PFD40403 PFD40404 PFD40405 PFD40406 PFD40407 PFD40408 PFD40210 PFD40211

PFD40212 PFD40213 PFD40214 PFD40215 PFD40216 PFD40217 PFD40218 PFD40219 PFD40220

Other ranges and connection sizes available upon request.

For scale change, refer to How to Order Guide for scale codes.

For options, attach suffix to end of order code: i.e. PFD40031-RSP for SETPOINT INDICATOR.

Contact Winters for additional options

Option suffix:

RSP = Setpoint indicator (IP54 rated)

Hanging Bracket PFD1001

Surface Mounting Bracket PFD1002

3-Way Valve PFD1003

Flush Mounting Bracket PFD1004

Air Filter Kit PFD1005

2" Pipe Mounting Kit PFD1006

Flange for Panel Mounting PFD1007

Square Flush Mount Kit PFD1008

new PFD WinAIR Differential Gauge

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