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Power Wheelchair

YE145C Portable Mobility Wheelchair | Quick fold | Lightweight |

YE200 Travel Lightweight Power Wheelchair & Portable Electric Wheelchair

YE100 Reinforced Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

Camel Lite YE246 Ultra Lightweight and Compact Folding Power Wheelchair

YE245C Brushless Lightweight Power Chair

Camel Hope YE246 Portable Power Wheelchair with Brushed Motor

YEC35A Affordable Deluxe Reclining Power Wheelchair

Camel YEC35 Cheapest Electric Wheelchair with Electromagnetic Brake

Camel YE23B5 Travel Folding Electric Wheelchair | Mobility Wheelchair

Camel YE235E Electric Wheelchair with Elevating Arm

Camel YE235 Basic Electric Wheelchair with Standing Support

Camel YE135 Electric Wheelchair

Camel YE135G Electric Wheelchair YM120 Portable Transfer Wheelchair

YM119 Foldable Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair

YS251 Mobility Scooter with 10" Wheel YS151

Small Size Mobility Scooter with Dynamic Controller Taiwan Motor

Mobility Scooter

YT-HR-001 Adjustable & Detachable Headrest for Wheelchairs

YT-PJ-0005 Best Quality Lead Acid Battery Type Charger Supply

YT-PJ-0006 36V*2AH Output Battery Charger Li-Ion and Lead Acid Compatible

YT-PJ-0007 Two Options of Input Voltage Power Charger

YT-PJ-0008 High Power Lead Acid/Lithium Battery Charger

Wheelchair Accessories

YT-PJ-0031 Lead Acid Battery Charger for Power Wheelchair

YT-PJ-0021-N Shaped PU Hand Grip for Wheelchair, Wheelchair Spare Parts

YT-PJ-0026 Flash Light for Wheelchair, Wheelchair Spare Parts

YT-PJ-0023 Wider Padded Armpad for Wheelchair

YT-PJ-0020 Anti-Fold Device for Wheelchair, Wheelchair Spare Parts

YT-PJ-0025 Cup Holder for Wheelchair, Wheelchair Spare Parts

YT-PJ-0022 Wheelchair Controller, Wheelchair Joystick with Universal Connector

YT-PJ-0009 Wheelchair Charger High Power for Lead Acid

YT-PJ-0012 8 Inches UP Solid Wheelchair Tyre

YT-PJ-0004 Hi-MH Battery Charger for 6A/4A/1.8A

Walking Aids

YC1501 Multi-Purpose Commode & Bath Chair

YC1502 Lightweight Walking Frame for Elderly

Personal Protective Equipment

3 Ply Mask Disposable Protective Mask

KN95 Protective Mask

IR Thermometer - Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

GF-01 Eye Protective Goggles

Face Shield, Medical Face Shield

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Camel YEC35EBR Electric Power Wheelchair - CHEAPEST - YATTLL -15%
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YEC35EBR Power Wheelchair -...

YEC35EBR Power Wheelchair - CHEAPEST - YATTLL


Economic model

1. Strong steel frame.

2. Programmable controller, 360° free control.

3. Flip up armrest and foldable legrest.

4. 11Ah lead acid battery.

5. Electromagnetic braking system.

6. 12.5"rear wheel, Aluminium rim.

7. Lead Acid battery 24V 12Ah.

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Economic electric Wheelchair, nice driving performance - YATTLL YEC35

Economic foldable Power Wheelchair - YEC35

Updated economical electric Wheelchair - YATTLL YEC35

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